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Yamaha TZ350 Period 5
Lachlan _IMG_8740.jpg

To keep ahead of the competition, the improved suspension components for the Yamaha TZ350 were the first stop. Spring and damping rates on the original equipment were unable to match modern tyres. Secondly, Marvic wheels were fitted for improved turning and overall suspension/braking compliance.


Suspension pivot joint geometry was also mismatched. A new swingarm construction has finished off our joint programme to give the following result…


Yamaha TZ350 (period 5) and owner/Rider Lachlan Hill; – “In the process of having a perfect run, winning our class, we also got awarded the prestigious Phil Irving Trophy. I cannot thank Peter enough for all the excellent work and advice over the years, he has developed this TZ350 from an evil handling motorcycle into a proper grand prix bike which is a pleasure to ride fast.”

Suzuki 500cc two-stroke 1972 vintage Period 4

Under construction is our Racer. Currently completed is the chassis, swingarm design and motor mods are halfway with some machining and porting to finish. To do list includes finish front forks, Rear shocks cylinder heads, exhaust expansion chambers, period correct aluminium tank and seat, fibreglass fairing to come. Alloy rims and AP Lockheed brakes are not yet fitted.

Kawasaki H2R 1971

Peter Kay's Kawasaki H2R 1971 reproduction roadbike based frame was not suitable for use with the modern tyres available…


So the overall frame design had to be altered...


Motor position, rear suspension geometry and front suspension geometry has all been re-engineered; along with the exhaust system and suspension unit internals that have been upgraded to modern specs.

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